Cocolush Benefits

COCOLUSH products are made to alleviate the after-effect of frequent use of Hand Sanitizers which is drying to the skin to the point that it becomes irritated. COCOLUSH whilst considered sanitizing due to its 75.5% premium Ethyl Alcohol content, is meant to REHYDRATE your skin with the infused VCO which will be retained into your skin after the Ethyl Alcohol evaporates. Your skin also smells fresh with our 3-variant scents Coco Fresh Aqua, Coco Sweet Vanilla, Coco Rose Bloom. It is a 3-in-1 product; Sanitizing, Hydrating and Fragrance. 
(Below is an excerpt from publication Sept 17, 2020)
"Repeated exposure to isopropyl alcohol "defats" the skin, meaning that it strips it of its natural oil (sebum). This not only eliminates a key protective bacterial barrier but also robs the skin of the moisture it needs to stay hydrated."
 Medically reviewed by 
Leah Ansell, MD 
Updated on September 17, 2020