Cocolush prides itself of carefully blended skin-loving natural oils, a product that will provide a little of almost everything that your skin needs to stay vibrant and healthy. Founded in September 2020, an IPO registered local cosmetic brand produced by dib Industries Beauty & Wellness Mfg. located in the town of Atimonan, Province of Quezon, Southern Philippines.

During the onset of COVID-19 2020, everyone entering an office, buildings, or store is required to sanitize their hands upon entry. Our family matriarch is an office woman who frequently complained of irritated hands and limbs upon going home due to frequent use of skin-drying hand sanitizers. We therefore formulated a Sanitizing Spray with Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizer to relieve her skin from soreness and irritation. After numerous scientifically guided formulations, a family business opportunity began.

Inspired by nature and the community around us, Cocolush is committed to producing natural beauty products with 100% pure (VCO) virgin coconut oil as the base ingredient which is known for its natural skin-conditioning properties carefully blended for all ages. All our products are botanical in origin, made mostly from locally produced raw materials, thereby helping local farmers, producers, and retailers in the country.

Our pioneering premium product is our Cocolush Sanitizing Spray with VCO Moisturizer which aims to relieve your skin from dryness as well as keeping your hands well sanitized without the greasy oily feeling. Try it out now!